Time to Make a Change

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If you're a business person reading this there is a fairly solid chance that you sit down for much of your day. If you're not in a meeting, you're plugged into your computer

And you probably already know that all this sitting around is pretty bad for you. It's bad, and unnatural, for a human body to stay in one position for any length of time. Unless you've already had Alexander Technique lessons with our Kate Minogue, there's a good chance your at-the-computer-posture is putting strain on your joints and muscles and not allowing your body the comfortable room it needs for some of its essential internal functions, breathing and digestion, for example.

Here's what you can do to help

We all know it's good to get up every half hour or so, but we don't do it.  But you will if you get yourself an inexpensive timer, most of them are beautifully designed to irritate you into action by the shrillness of their alarm. 

It works

You'll find it much harder to ignore the noise the timer makes at the end of the time period than the softly softly voice inside your head which tells you really SHOULD be moving, shouldn't you?

Get up, get a glass on nice hydrating water, have a stretch, go and say hello to somone, deep breathe, making a standing phone call. Your body will thank you. Very much.

If it's too late and your body is feeling the effects of habitual poor posture and unhelpful habits, Osteopath Mandy Fischer can help you feel better.

Katie Vandyck May 2018

Photo: Katie Vandyck 2018

Katie Vandyck