Why is copywriting such a powerful tool for your business?

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First impressions count. And people’s attention spans are short.

So if you want to get a return on investment from your marketing activities, you know it makes sense to pay attention to your marketing copy (words). You want them to be persuasive and connect with your audience.

But nearly every small business faces the same problems.

  • Lack of time
  • Also, difficulty translating what they do into communications that persuade readers to take action

Does this sound like you?

The good news is, just as you outsource your design to a graphic designer, you can outsource your content writing to a copywriter.

Want to see how this works right now?

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Strictly speaking, I know that it makes sense for some businesses to save money by taking ownership of writing copy.

If you have:

  • A small contact list
  • Clear goals and know your audience inside and out
  • Plenty of time to commit to researching, writing, proofing, editing and testing copy.

Then yes, it makes sense to buy a book on writing copy that converts and doing the job yourself.

But if you:

  • Know customers are likely to search for your products using Internet search engines
  • Want to prompt clicks to make enquiries to buy
  • Want to nurture leads through regular email

Then it pays to use a copywriter.

Here’s the point. Every piece of marketing content you produce has a place in your customer’s decision-making process.

Your objective is to answer your audience’s questions: “What’s in it for me” and help them make informed buying decisions.

This calls for persuasive and conversion copywriting.

It’s pretty obvious once you think about it.

By now you’ll have realised why copywriting is a powerful tool for your business.

So if you are a business that relies on marketing communications to attract prospective customers, take the next step.

What could be more important?