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Mandy Fischer is an osteopath, and the practice manager of The Cliffe Osteopathy and Complementary Health Clinic based in Cliffe High Street, Lewes

The clinic is open Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings.

Mandy qualified as an osteopath in 1997, and has worked in Lewes since then. She treats a wide of musculoskeletal injuries and pain, using a range of osteopathic techniques including soft tissue massage. plus more gentle techniques such as cranial osteopathy, which is particularly suited to the treatment of babies and children.

The most common issues which Mandy treats are back pain, neck and shoulder pain and headaches. These can be caused by a specific incident but often they are cumulative and associated with posture, workstation position and hobbies such as gardening or sport. Another area of concern are repetitive strain injuries, often associated with the technology we now use so frequently.

She has an interest in treating jaw problems and over the last year, has been treating dogs with musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

The clinic has three osteopaths. We also offer acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, reflexology, homeopathy, nutrition and one to one yoga