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Kate Minogue MSTAT, MA (Cantab)
Lewes, East Sussex

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Move, look, and feel better with the Alexander Technique

  • Discover how harmful postural habits may be causing you pain
  • Meet the daily challenges of life without bodily tension
  • Say ‘no’ to old habits and replace them with balanced coordination
  • Learn to move with lightness and freedom

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Alexander Technique isn’t a treatment …

… it’s a Life Skill.

You learn to be fully conscious of what you’re doing so you can function in a more efficient and effective way.

For example, time is getting on and you still haven’t finished that report. You simply don’t notice the way your shoulders begin to rise and tighten. Or when you’re stuck in a traffic jam, and late for an appointment, your hands grip the steering wheel tighter as you clench your jaw. None of these responses will help you solve your problem; instead they will make you feel uncomfortable or even be painful. Over time, they become habitual and adversely affect your very functioning